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Meijburg & Co Caribbean is a knowledge organization. Our priority is the dissemination of first-rate knowledge and we invest considerable time and effort in doing this.

The tax field has been − and still is − undergoing major change as a result of globalization and changes to national and international legislation and regulations. The tax practice is not only becoming more knowledge‑intensive, but increasingly much more is being demanded of the modern tax specialist with respect to their commercial approach, leadership and management.

For a knowledge organization such as Meijburg & Co Caribbean it is essential that we offer our tax specialists the opportunity to adequately respond to these changing and demanding circumstances. Meijburg & Co Caribbean pays particular attention to the development and maintenance of knowledge. The key factor in this is being able to offer a complete practical package of top quality courses and training programs. This provides the specialists at Meijburg & Co Caribbean the career opportunity to develop into leading advisors on national and international tax law.

Knowledge is the intellectual capital of our organization. Meijburg & Co Caribbean has deliberately chosen to use knowledge sharing as an instrument to improve productivity and the quality of our services. Encouraging knowledge sharing ensures that people remain motivated and open. Of course, our close collaboration with Meijburg & Co in the Netherlands contributes to this; a collaboration based on the age-old adage that knowledge is power. Growth and innovation through self-development in order to become leaders in our field. In this way a robust knowledge platform is created that is unique to the tax practice in the former Dutch Caribbean and in Suriname.

Added value for all our clients

Meijburg & Co Caribbean has a broad-based client portfolio for which it provides advice on a wide range of tax matters, such as:

  • Cross-border expansion and alliances
  • Legal forms (such as partnerships, foundations (stichtingen) and joint ventures)
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Reorganizations
  • Financing
  • Intellectual property
  • Transfer pricing
  • Management buy-outs
  • Investment funds and management structures
  • Business succession
  • Wages and salaries
  • Payroll tax
  • Personal income tax
  • Domestic and international social security
  • Gift and inheritance tax
  • The penshonado scheme
  • Estate planning
  • Employment conditions and fringe benefits
  • Option plans and pension schemes
  • The expat scheme for foreign employees
  • Economic zones and customs warehouse
  • The merchant shipping tonnage regime

Controlling your tax position

We also offer a large number of compliance services. These will enable you or your company to meet your tax obligations in a timely manner as well as identify where your tax risks and savings opportunities lie. We can also assist you with this by performing a quick scan of your business. Our knowledge and experience ensure that your risks and opportunities are clearly identified.



"Meijburg & Co Caribbean stands for knowledge and quality".
In conversation with partner Wendell Meriaan.

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