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About us

The DNA of Meijburg & Co Caribbean

Taxation is an everyday phenomenon. Tax − whether profit tax, corporate and personal income tax, VAT, customs duties or other government-imposed levies − affects everybody. In the Netherlands, the tax authorities use the slogan: “We can't make it any nicer, but we can make it easier”. Nevertheless, both in the Netherlands and in the Dutch Caribbean and Suriname, tax legislation and regulations remain very complex and, without the correct tax advice, you could be paying too much tax and encounter difficulties when dealing with the government and other stakeholders. It is also possible that you are not fully benefiting from tax savings opportunities. That is why it is important to have a committed tax advisor to assist you with top-quality advice. By engaging such an advisor from Meijburg & Co Caribbean, taxation could even start to become a little nicer!

The core values of Meijburg & Co Caribbean

A number of key values are embedded in the DNA of Meijburg & Co Caribbean and our corporate culture. They not only define our DNA and the way we work, but also our devotion to “simply wanting to be the best”:

  • Our service is client-driven;
  • Our product is our added value;
  • We want to succeed and we work together;
  • We respect the individual;
  • We provide insight;
  • We are open and honest in our communication;
  • We are committed to society.

 What does Meijburg & Co Caribbean have to offer?

Our clients value our integrity and commitment, which is secured by the combination of our way of working and our business culture. Because every company is different and each tax issue requires a specific approach, Meijburg & Co Caribbean always provides made-to-measure advice. And since service is all about people, and the right chemistry forms the start of a successful relationship, we select a team that best suits the client. Our advisors are proactive and client-driven, and have a high level of professional expertise. Meijburg & Co Caribbean is an active participant in domestic and international networks of governments, universities, interest groups and professional bodies, thereby enabling us to keep up-to-date with and participate in developments in our areas of expertise. We are guided by facts and provide reliable and objective top-quality tax advice. We always assume responsibility for the quality of our services, because only then can we provide true value for money.

Ever since its establishment in 1980, Meijburg & Co Caribbean has successfully and consistently developed the key values making up its DNA, and our clients are more than willing to testify to this. We are very proud of what we have achieved. This is what sets us apart.

Tax is our business